Joe Bacigalupo




Born in Peru with Italian ancestry and traveling throughout South America with his parents set the stage for Joe Bacigalupo’s success in the United States.

His international exposure combined with a knack for showmanship predestined him for his position as a Chairman of a CEO and Executive Advisory Board at Vistage Worldwide (, the most prestigious CEO and business owner peer advisory organization in the world.

Joe Bacigalupo is also the CEO and Managing Partner of AlliancesHub International (, a Peak Performance Executive Coaching and Management Consulting firm that creates global engagement to increase revenues for technology companies expanding into the Americas.

“I had big dreams,” recalls Bacigalupo, a graduate of the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela where his family had finally settled.

One of his dreams was to make it big in Hollywood. Like his father, he wanted to work in show business so he dabbled in it as a college student managing the emerging careers of a couple of friends who were aspiring singers.

“I saw what my friends were doing and took it upon myself to coach them on branding, business, and stage performance,” says Bacigalupo. “It came very natural to me. They recognized that and trusted in my ability to help them improve. Several years later they become Latin Grammy Award winners.”

In 1989 Joe got an opportunity with the American Radio Network in Hollywood as a Host and Executive Producer for “Kaleidoscope Radio Magazine,” a Spanish radio production. “I thought it was my ticket to stardom,” Bacigalupo says. “However, the job was complex. I learned quickly that the needs for the Hispanic/ Latino market demographics in California were completely different than the ones in Venezuela. It didn’t matter that Spanish was spoken in both places.”

Yet, he was not defeated. He came to America armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering so he took his aim in business where quickly landed a job with Ericsson.

Over the next 25 years Bacigalupo gained experience in global sales and business development including leadership roles, managing domestic and international operations with enterprise software, consulting, outsourcing services, and technology companies such as Ericsson, Infosys Limited, Oracle-Primavera, and i2 Technologies.

Joe successfully built new markets from scratch in US and Latin America. He also enhanced his education by earning an MBA in General Management, and a Graduate Marketing Certification from Southern Methodist University.

Joe experienced a major life transformation in 2001 that would pivot his work. He decided to forego a business trip to Manhattan on September 11th.  After the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Joe began to examine his personal mission (For a free personal assessment visit (allianceshub. He learned about himself and how to increase performance in others by becoming certified in advanced graduate programs in Personal & Executive Coaching, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence.



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