The Man from Accenture Pedro García

Managing Director of Financial Services, Client Lead North America of Accenture




Pedro García is a managing director and client account lead in Financial Services at Accenture – a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. García, born in Venezuela and raised between there and Spain, has three decades experience in management and technology consulting. “All my life, I thought I was going to be a doctor,” he explained. “But one day I got up and said to myself, ‘I need to do something else.’ I was always good with math and numbers, and I had a growing interest in engineering, so I applied to a prestigious university in Venezuela. Five years later, I graduated in computer science engineering.”

Starting out, García wanted to learn and travel. “I joined Accenture in 1985 and have been a consultant for 30 years, working in 15 different countries,” he said. “One of the great things about Accenture is that you have the opportunity to work in some amazing places around the world. You gain invaluable experience working in different environments – experience that our clients look for.”

His travels took him to Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia, among others. As a consultant, he was afforded not only the excitement of travel, but the ability to continuously grow and learn. “In 2005, I became responsible for our Financial Services clients Portfolio in Latin America,” he said. “Over the next seven years, our business in Latin America grew up by 40 percent per year on average. We serve a significant number of large global and regional financial players; each of our clients has a particular strategy and we help implement and improve them.”

In both his current and previous roles, García starts by identifying the different needs of each of his markets – a difficult undertaking, but one that García greatly relishes. “The beginning [of this process] is always difficult,” he explained. “You essentially have to build a practice and that requires courage, getting the right people, investing time with your clients to understand their business goals and help them articulate a value proposition that can be delivered – you have to sell Accenture to these organizations. You also have to make sure you have people from different backgrounds, who can provide diversity of thought to help produce great ideas and drive innovation.”

 As a Latino, García has been fortunate to find himself working for a company that not only encourages diversity, but celebrates it. It is a perspective that has truly benefited him in his career and has allowed him to achieve many of his professional goals.

García used his nearly three decades worth of experience – as well as his drive for innovation and passion for technology – to help guide Accenture towards becoming a global leader in the industry