Sense of Home 

Story By: Sergio Chavez


Missing home can become one of the heaviest feelings. You long to bring a piece of it back home. Whether it was that cup of coffee, a traditional food, a piece of clothing, it just fills you with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. The dilemma is the lack of authenticity and quality in products that are not authentically made.

In this world of technology we live in, we’re fortunate to be a click away from buying whatever we’d like online and have it delivered directly to our doorstep within days.  For those who grew up in cultures other than the American, it’s very easy to miss a favorite meal, music, dessert, your local bar, or even the emblematic colors of the flag. Sense Ecuador has recognized the importance of bringing home to Ecuadorians inside the U.S. 

Sense Ecuador is an ecommerce website that offers exclusive gourmet, accessories, and flowers that are produced and hand-selected by farmers and entrepreneurs in Ecuador. The company stands out not only by the authentic products they offer, but by the social mission behind the brand. Sense Ecuador exists to advance the potential of Ecuador as a top-producing country. This country is home to various important natural resources and Sense Ecuador has created partnerships with producers, artisans and farmers of these resources. The process of curation targets only the very best producers in Ecuador. Producers’ history and production is closely looked over before becoming partners with Sense Ecuador. With every purchase, you are directly giving back to a local farmer. Each producer, artisan or farmers is required to implement social programs that help and strengthen their communities. Some of these projects include housing projects, community orchards, education and medical support among others. 

As Sense Ecuador continues to grow as a business to consumers, they also hope to expand to small businesses. The ecommerce website has targeted businesses like florists, wedding planners, coffee ships, artisan stores, etc. They have developed a global vision with sights on Canada and Europe for future expansion.


Sense Ecuador has created a remedy for the nostalgia. Whether you are a native or not, through their products, one is able to connect with the Ecuadorian heritage. This beautiful country has given us great resources worked in the hands of devoted farmers. And, Sense Ecuador has become that platform to stimulate Ecuador’s natural treasure.  





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