The CEO Interviews

In Partnership with ALPFA


Story By: Mariana Gutierrez, CO-Editor



At Latino Leaders, we are proud to present the third installment of our CEO series in partnership with ALPFA.

Our work with the ALPFA team has been paramount in order to continue to showcase not only Latinos in positions of influence but also those corporate captains who set examples by the way they view and practice diversity at the companies they lead. We make a point to feature leaders who not only value inclusion and the contributions of the Latino community but who back up their statements with action. ALPFA has been instrumental in helping us identify the CEO’s and Directors that are reshaping our corporate culture.

As always these conversations are full of valuable insight and an element of corporate wisdom that can point our readers, no matter their profession or position, in the right direction. There is a lot to learn from a CEO perspective, and we hope these conversations inspire you to contribute to your business, workplace, family, and community beyond what is normally expected. This desire to always go a step further is one of the qualities that define our leaders.

In our 2017 CEO feature, we share our conversations with Gabby Franco Parcella, CEO of Mellon Capital and an Orgullos de Alpfa 2017 inductee, Joe Adams, Managing Partner and CEO of RSM US and Elisa Baral, Vice President and Audit Services Project Manager, U.S. Bank. Their positions impact hundreds of clients and employees and play a critical role in ensuring that diversity is core to their workplace and that their businesses are representative of the communities they serve.

It is proven that diversity is good for the economy. It improves corporate performance, drives growth and enhances employee engagement. Through their partnership with ALPFA, the corporations led by our interviewees are not only reaching out to Latinos with employment opportunities, but also supporting initiatives to build executive competencies so their leaders are better prepared for the challenges ahead. The potential of future generations is maximized through the work of the corporate captains featured here today, and we are proud to present their stories.

We are also very proud to have been selected as the inaugural platform of the newly-launched Orgullos de ALPFA initiative. Through this program, ALPFA will recognize those members who are leveraging stellar careers to push others up and forward, creating massive waves of opportunity. Our core mission is to inspire leadership and greatness in our readers – and the Orgullos de ALPFA Class of 2017 has without a doubt answered that call. We congratulate each and every one.