Provider of Comprehensive Medical Revenue Solutions for Doctors Across the U.S.


By: Latino Leaders Staff


Government interventions in the medical industry have yielded far too many inefficient processes for doctors, bureaucratic paperwork, and economic pressures that together are forcing doctors to sacrifice their independent professional medical practices. The consequence is clear: Many doctors are exiting the field. Others are seeing their private practices threatened with bankruptcy, or are giving up their autonomy for the life of a shift-working hospital employee. Governments and hospital administrators hold all the power, while doctors—and worse, the patients—hold none.

Physicians deserve to be paid what is rightfully theirs. We help doctor’s focus on patients and not paperwork, while increasing their revenue and growing their practice.

Inteliks is a provider of comprehensive medical revenue solutions for doctors throughout the United States. Inteliks is an affiliate of the nation’s largest network of certified medical revenue managers and we process thousands of claims for hundreds of doctors from coast-to-coast every day. With an easy-to-implement system, we offer scalable medical management solutions that enable doctors and practices of all sizes to maximize their revenue. Our detailed and intuitive system can be accessed on any platform, on any device, anywhere to help doctors control their medical practice.

Our Practice Management System delivers a seamlessly integrated billing, scheduling, insurance eligibility, and reporting system alongside our integrated clearinghouse. It’s all in one system!

We specialize in helping doctors maximize their revenue while concentrating on their patients. We are ”the next generation in revenue recovery.” Our experienced and talented medical specialists provide solutions that enable doctors and practices of any size to leverage our expertise in the medical industry: from medical billing and practice management to compliance.

We have a proprietary analysis tool that can generate detailed real-time reports, outlining solutions for virtually every aspect of any medical practice.

Our key differentiates are:

 • Experience – Worked with hundreds of medical practices throughout the USA.

 • Reach – Delivered solutions to medical practices of any specialty.

 • Scalable – Solutions designed to medical practices of any size.

 • 100% Visibility – Cloud-based accessible from any device, any platform any place, any time, real-time.

 • Simplistic – Easy-to-implement system can be incorporated into operations quickly.


We help doctors regain control of their practice and the piece of mind of a continuous cash flow. We help practices turn into concierge practices again.



According to the American Telemedicine Association, 62% of all medical consultations in the U.S., could be held via Telemedicine. However, if a doctor on both ends is present, that percentage could grow to 82%. This allows primary care practices to access specialty centers and provide patients with a concierge service.

We allow doctors to use Telemedicine to enhance their medical practices. Our Telehealth Marketplace is an innovative online service designed to provide a medical expert to primary care doctors in remote areas or in search of a particular specialty. It can be used to supplement medical services with current patients as well as fulfill the special needs of new patients.

Our Marketplace works by enabling members to mutually request and accept offers for a clinical consultation to be completed via telemedicine. The requesting members will post a specific need on the portal, which invites the telehealth provider to accept or reject the request based on its own criteria. Once accepted, the telehealth consultation is completed using whatever technology is chosen: video, voice and data.

Our technology is fueling the rapid growth of telehealth by ensuring the availability of clinical services as needed across geographies, time zones, languages and medical specialties. The result is increased access to care by previously underserved populations.  Whether you are looking to augment your practice with additional specialists, reach additional patients with existing staff or both, our extensive marketplace can be a powerful new addition to your team.