Healthcare Where it Should be


Story By: Diane Alter


There comes a time in every person’s life when he decides what kind of person he will be. The kind of person who is content to simply go with the status quo, or the kind of person driven to innovate. An inspiring story always exists from the person who opts for the later. And to really know that person, you need to know his story.

Latino Leaders had the opportunity to learn about entrepreneur Jorge Toro’s truly exceptional story.

An accomplished consultant and businessperson with 28 years of experience, Mr. Toro founded his own software engineering firm, Toro Technologies, Inc. He developed a thriving business, which delivered critical path systems for multinational companies with marquee names, such as MasterCard, AT&T Universal Card, and Global Payment Systems. Mr. Toro successfully sold his company to PaylinX Corporation, which was later acquired by publicly traded Cybersource. Mr. Toro was not idle for a minute after his exit from Toro Technologies.  For the last decade, Mr. Toro has been structuring capital for growth for his own ventures, as well as others across the Americas.

“I have always had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit,” Mr. Toro told Latino Leaders. “I immigrated to the United States from Colombia, South America in 1986 and began doing consulting work. I immediately recognized that I had a very different perspective. I did not fit the customary corporate profile and I used that to my advantage. You see, creativity comes from being outside of your element. It makes you look at things differently. It allows you to see that things can be different when you implement change. When you cannot climb the traditional corporate ladder, you build your own.”

Currently, Mr. Toro is president and chief executive officer at MEDINEXO. The company is a global telehealth marketplace designed to help member doctors, healthcare providers, and patients find healthcare services specific to their immediate needs. MEDINEXO’s marketplace allows its member patients quickly locate healthcare services and specialists 24/7, in their own language, when and where it is needed.

“MEDINEXO is the only global online telehealth marketplace available to access clinical skills that are delivered via telemedicine,” Mr. Toro explained, “The MEDINEXO Global Telehealth Marketplace connects users and providers of clinical services through a proprietary online matching and scheduling interface. There are no phone calls. It is a seamless online interaction between healthcare providers to enable telehealth delivery between doctor and patient.”

MEDINEXO is not a provider of telehealth technology nor clinical services. It is a quickly expanding platform that is advancing the rapid growth of telehealth by ensuring the availability of clinical services as needed across vast geographies, time zones, languages, and medical specialties.

“The result is increased access to care by underserved populations, including the Latino and Hispanic community,” Mr. Toro noted. “Interacting with doctors who understand and speak your native tongue is crucial for precise care and client follow through. We also allow our rising network of doctors (3,000) to remotely reach patients in need of diagnosis and care quickly and from anywhere. We are a critical resource that quickly puts patients in touch with doctors specific to their immediate needs. Time is always of the essence when it comes to healthcare.”

MEDINEXO’s main responsibility is with those who use its services, while its network of doctors takes care of patients. Every service provided aims to help its member doctors enhance the quality of life of the patients connected via MEDINEXO.

MEDINEXO’s motto is “healthcare where it should be.” The platform is now available in Colombia and the United States, where it well known and widely utilized by the Latino and Hispanic community. It will soon be available in Mexico, Peru, and Panama.