From Influencer to Entrepreneur

By Priyanka Juneja

As the first ever Latina YouTube influencer to start her own cosmetics line, Jackie Hernandez is making a splash in the beauty industry. It all began with a YouTube channel that has over 2 million followers and has resulted in the launch of J’dez, a cosmetic line available in the US, the European Union, and parts of Latin America.


Born and raised in Guadalajara Mexico, Jackie Hernandez had a humble childhood. At the age of 17, she and her four sisters emigrated to the United States. The journey wasn't easy and she recalls her parents, determined to secure a better life for their daughters, making sacrifices to get them to California. "Seeing the struggle and everything they've done for myself and my sisters makes me do better every day."

Hernandez’s social media success too came from humble beginnings. She confesses that she didn't really know what social media was or how to use it at the start. It all began as a hobby and her only goal was to share what she’d learned in cosmetic school with other girls who wanted to improve their makeup skills.  

Now, with over two million subscribers across her multitude of YouTube channels, Hernandez is one of the most influential beauty gurus in the Hispanic market. "I like the fact that I get to inspire other women to follow their dreams. I feel like when you have such a big reach you have to do things to inspire others to be the best version of themselves." She in turn gets her inspiration from past experiences, other influencers, trends in the cosmetic world, and even her followers who inspire her just as much as she inspires them.

About J’dez

Founded by YouTube beauty & lifestyle guru, Jackie Hernandez (a.k.a. MakeupByJH), J’dez is an international cosmetics company and online beauty destination. Our customer-first brand is dedicated to empowering mujeres through bilingual beauty positive education. J’dez brings together the glamour and quality of a luxury product and the affordability of a a mass product to bring all cosmetics aficionados the simple kind of beauty.

At the time of starting her YouTube channel, Hernandez was unknowingly embarking upon a path that would eventually lead to realizing her life-long dream of launching her own cosmetics brand, J'dez. Hernandez is the first ever Latina YouTube influencer to start her own cosmetics line. After years of saving, she completely self-funded the launch, proving to budding entrepreneurs out there that it is possible to realize your dreams.

The transition to entrepreneur has been challenging yet exciting for Hernandez who considers the launch of the company one of her proudest moments. “I’m very proud of creating this brand and taking the risk to do so. I love and enjoy doing YouTube but it is not mine 100%.”

If I can do it then anybody can do it. It’s just a matter of putting in the hard work and trying to be a better person every day.

J'dez, just barely a year old, is already a success. "Even though we are a small makeup brand, people have received it with a lot of love" Focused on the markets where a majority of her followers reside, Hernandez and her company are bringing a blend of luxurious and affordable makeup products to Latin America. Hernandez has big plans for the future of J'dez with the next steps focused on launching the line in Costa Rica, Boliva, and Chile and then expanding the existing presence in Mexico and the US.

Hernandez is creating a legacy not only for the Hispanic population but also for influencers with similar dreams of launching their own company. She hopes that they will remember that they started a YouTube channel with an end goal in mind and that they can achieve their dreams. "Even if it's hard or seems impossible, just do it! Nothing is impossible. You just have to put the work in."

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