The 101 Most Influential Latino Leaders of 2016


Story By: Judi Jordan


The criterion for our 101 Most Influential Latinos is not about wealth, beauty, raw power, or social status, although some of the most influential Latinos on this list may have all of those fortunate attributes. The 101 is about those whose actions and achievements delighted, dared, encouraged, empowered, or inspired us in this past year. What makes an individual ‘influential’? It’s not about the loudest voice in the room, although that can certainly influence people to run the other way. It’s about results, vision, creativity, achievement, generosity, courage, integrity, action. What new future colleagues will you discover among the chosen 101? Will it be Lin-Manuel Miranda, Broadway’s ‘boy wonder’ and his brilliant, diverse musical, “Hamilton”? Or will you find a kindred spirit in the still-feisty Alex Nogales as he bristles at injustice? Can the astonishing success of golfer, Lizette Salas, or the ever-daring Pope Francisco nudge you to try something bold; to set a goal that seems almost impossible?

What these ‘influencers’ have in common is an unerring sense of purpose, and a love of their chosen field. We offer these profiles of 101 unique personalities to tempt you to ignite your sphere of influence.  



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