Uncorking Napa: Cellar

By: Jorge Ferraez


  Jorge Ferraez  is president and publisher of Latino Leaders Magazine

Jorge Ferraez is president and publisher of Latino Leaders Magazine

I met Henri Colcombet a month ago when he was in Dallas promoting his Champagne. The encounter was easy going with a very fresh conversation about his Champagne.

After a 30-year long career working with luxury goods and brands, he got his training at houses like Remy Martin, Charles Heidsieck, and Krug Champagnes. Taking after the example of his father and family on gourmet business, he decided to launch his own small production champagne brand and began to promote it among friends and old colleagues in 2016. He currently makes 2000 cases a year and bottles four labels, including a Rose and a high profile reserve named “Vogue” that he cellars for 48 months before releasing it. “My Champagne is made for the immediate and easy enjoyment, it makes the best aperitif drink and its delicious with food”. It was the truth. Days after I met him, I was able to have both the Rosé and the Brut Éclat, which were absolutely fabulous, with fresh, fruity notes, great acidity and elegant, creamy textures with violet and pomegranate notes.

Last month, I also received the generous samples that one of my favorite Napa wine producers, Bulmaro Montes sent me: his 2015 Marita’s Vineyard and Soma. Of course, I waited until Friday to un - corked both. Wow!! As usual, the first impression was outstanding. But this time I decided to try them during the weekend and taste the evolution of such concentrated and complex wines. So I corked them back and tried them on Saturday afternoon and then, re-corked again and tried on Sunday. To my surprise, on Sunday afternoon the wines were beautiful, expressive with character and finesse, as you wouldn’t imagine.




100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Coombsville, Napa

Valley Estate Grown Private Reserve ($150)

• Day 1 Tanic, deep fruit, peppery,

meaty, sweet tannin, closed.

• Day 2 Plums, good acidity, red ripe fruit,

caramel, elegant structure.

• Day 3 Complex, fruity, silky and deep.

Perfumed with still great concentration.




• Region: Reims

• Varietal: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

• Price: $45

• Aromas: Red fruit, pomegranate, strawberry

• Flavors: Smokey, flowery, rose petals

• Impression: Creamy and Textured

• Structure: Balanced, good acidity

• Drink with: Salmon, Chocolate desserts, creamy pastas

• Why I loved this wine? It is elegant and delicious

• My Rating: 95 pts.


       • LUNCH: Brut Éclat over some nigiri sushi or a chicken caesar salad

       • DINNER: Brut Rosé with roasted chicken or vodka sauce pasta with salmon

       • DESSERT: Vogue Cuvee sipping with a short strawberry cake or crème brulee



• Region: Napa Valley, Carneros District

• Varietal: Albariño

• Price: $28

• Aromas: Fresh pineapple, orange blossom, lemony

• Flavors: peaches, green apple, jasmine

• Impression: Fresh and crisp

• Structure: Well done, balanced

• Drink with: Seafood appetizers, sushi, thai

• Why I loved this wine? Long and remarkable

• My Rating: 93 pts.



• Region: Stag’s Leap District, Napa Valley

• Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

• Price: $95

• Aromas: Black cherry compote, lavender and spice

• Flavors: Ripe plum, minty, peppery

• Impression: Beautiful wine

• Structure: Elegant

• Drink with: Steak, pork chops, steak fajitas

• Why I loved this wine? Expressive wine

• My Rating: 95 pts.


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