The 101 Most Influential Latinos

As usual, these are not all of the leaders, but those in the list are all leaders. Fantastic leaders with a diverse activity, all of them advancing Latinos all over the country and all across industries and professions. All of the leaders included have proven an actual influence on the national scene, not only for the Hispanic community but for the entire country.

From lawyers to cabinet members, from media personalities to powerful business figures, this list is a snap shot of the power and influence of Latinos in the US today. Newcomers, like Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has a powerful voice in the entertainment industry, or Agustin Arteaga, the only Latino with the title of Director at one of the most important museums of art in the country, or Andre Arbelaez, who may be the most respected voice for Latinos in the hi-tech industry, make this list a very special one.

We hope you enjoy reading who they are, where they live, what has been their professional path and even contact them, for these are the leaders forging the future of America.