Purpose for the Mission: Carolina Jannicelli

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Carolina Jannicelli is Managing Director and leads the Law Firm Group at J.P. Morgan Private Bank.


You were recently named one of the 50 Most Powerful Latina women in Corporate America. What does this mean to you?


I feel honored, and also a sense of responsibility to be a role model for other Latina women pursuing careers on Wall Street. I’ve experienced first hand the power of role models, feeling empowered by women whose drive, talent and confidence led them to achieve career success.

When someone who sounds and looks like you break a barrier, it’s easier to picture yourself in that same position.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

I’m fortunate to love what I do and where I do it. JPMorgan Chase offers employees countless opportunities because mobility and diversity are supported and encouraged; this is partly why I’ve stayed at the company for 22 years. I’ve served in seven positions across three businesses covering three continents and managed over 200 people – all at one company.

JPMorgan Chase is not only a great place to work, but also a responsible member of the communities where it operates. Whether it is helping young people develop the skills needed to secure good jobs or helping revitalize neighborhoods, our company understands that we can only be as prosperous as the communities we serve.

With respect to my current role, I enjoy most of all helping our clients achieve their desired outcomes. Whether it is planning for a comfortable retirement, building a legacy through philanthropy or building an investments portfolio that aligns to their personal values, every client presents a new challenge and an opportunity for us to make a positive impact on their lives and their families.


How do you see JPMorgan Chase fostering an inclusive culture?

JPMorgan Chase walks the walk. We are laser-focused from the top down on being diverse and inclusive to ensure our people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. Women comprise half of our Operating Committee, half of our employees, and many run major businesses – several of which on their own would be Fortune 1000 companies. While 48% of the company is ethnically diverse, we make concerted efforts to continue to cultivate a culture of inclusion. We created three Executive Forums – Black, Hispanic and Asian – to help us attract, integrate, develop and retain ethnically diverse talent. JPMorgan Chase also sponsors about a dozen business resource groups, which help employees connect over common interests

and build their networks. All these groups get funding from the company, the advocacy of senior leaders, and the support of our global diversity team.


What are your most important work and professional values?


Cultivate Empathy. Try to see things from others’ point of view – it’ll help you learn. It’s very hard to grow when you think you’re always right. You’ll realize every situation is multi-dimensional and your world will open up.

Set high standards for yourself. What does maximizing your potential look like? Be curious about your work and invest in yourself by consistently learning and sharpening your skills. The quality of your work, your reliability and creativity will help you excel and open new doors.

Build a cohort and ask for help. There will come a time when you need advice and support.

Speaking with friends, family, trusted peers and mentors will help you make better decisions.


Tell us about your leadership philosophy and where it came from.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been lucky to have great role models, many of whom I met at JPMorgan Chase. I’ve learned that leadership is anchored in a deep sense of purpose for the mission at hand, and that it is collaborative. Leaders must work for their teams, help to set them up for success, provide clear direction and have their backs. If we get that right, everything else falls into place.


Story Courtesy of J.P. Morgan Private Bank