Editor's Corner: 23 Questions - Meet the Editor


23 Questions is going to be a recurring segment in the Editor's corner, attempting to gain personal insight into some of the individuals that are on our team and those that we interview. 

If you missed my welcome post, don't forget to check it out here!


1- Full Name? Sarai Vega

2- Favorite Color?  Violet

3- City or Country?  Both, but if I had to choose…country! 

4- Favorite time of day? Morning, the energy is high and I feel I can get more stuff done in the AM.  

5- Favorite Vacation Spot? So far, Mexico City. It’s home away from home. 

6- Most bizarre food you’ve ever had?  Scorpions

7- Current read?  A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson 

8- Early Bird or Night Owl?  Early bird. 

9- Most overused app on your phone?  It’s a tie between Spotify and Instagram.

10- If you weren’t editor, what would you be doing? Interior Decorating 

11- What show is on your Netflix “Continue Watching” tray?  Black Mirror

12- Twitter or Instagram?  Instagram. 

13- First thing you notice when meeting a new person?  Sense of humor

14- What have you been listening to recently?  Latin Top 40 

15- Farthest you’ve traveled?  It will have to be Canada.  

16- If you could learn another language, what would it be?  Italian

17- How do you de-stress?  I go for a run or get a massage. 

18- What is your morning ritual?  Make my bed and get my Flash Briefing by Alexa. 

19- Current obsession?  Puzzles

20- Running or Biking?  UGH! BOTH PLEASE! 

21- Who would you like to interview in 2018?  Guillermo del Toro

22- What can always make you laugh?  A good meme 

23- What are you most looking forward to for 2018?  Telling great stories of great Latinos!





Look forward to more 23 questions, coming soon!