Editor's Corner: Pōk The Raw Bar - Review


As many of you know, Latino Leaders is headquartered in Dallas, TX. We love our city! And there is nothing more exciting than going out and exploring our wonderful home! Dallas has a great deal of restaurants, patio bars, coffee shops, and community events. But more importantly, Dallas is home to some awesome people! 

In a recent venture, I had the opportunity to experience a small piece of heaven, in the form of Omakase.  Pōk The Raw Bar, located in West Village, is a restaurant that offers poke bowls and nigiri sushi. What started as lunch reservation turned into a full omakase experience with my closest friends. 

As soon as we arrived, we were seated in the bar area. Each place had a menu with the details of the complete eight course omakase tasting menu. 

The eight course meal included six nigiri sushi pieces and two handrolls. Opening the tasting journey was the Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna. It was the greatest sushi bite I have ever tasted, but the best thing about it? It was topped off with 24k! I don’t know about ya’ll, but that is extra fancy in my opinion!

The rest of the 30-minute tasting continued with other pieces like Japanese Hamachi, Korean Live Flounder, Japanese Sea Bream, New Zealand King Salmon, and, one of my favorites, Wild Spanish O-Toro. All pieces had their own distinct taste and flavor. Each bite was a world on its own. 

To finish off our foodie adventure, we were served two different types of handrolls, Japanese Toro Handroll and Japanese Unagi Handroll. My favorite out of these two? Japanese Unagi Handroll, hands down. The taste, the texture, the tenderness of the eel. Exquisite. 

This place has become one of my favorites. You can either grab quick lunch or dinner at the patio, or go all out at the bar with the $24 Omakase option. Drinks you ask? They have a variety of drinks. Matcha drinks, sake, wine, and local beers to name a couple. Pōk has gained momentum during the past year. The trend of poke has officially caught flight and has brought the best Japanese and sushi fusion to Dallas.