Editor's Corner: Experience Ecuador


In early March, I had the opportunity to try some products from Sense Ecuador, an e-commerce platform offering products from its very diverse, paradisiacal country. Ecuador is a country in South America with biodiverse regions ranging from the mountainous Andes to the breezy west coast. Besides the breathtaking nature of Ecuador, this country also produces products derived from its natural resources.


The team at Sense Ecuador sent me a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers cultivated in Ecuador. This arrangement arrived completely undamaged, secured and ready to give my office some life. Their beauty was absolutely captivating. Vibrant color, delicate aroma, and long-lasting. They might just be the most amazing bouquet of flowers I have ever received! 



I was also able to taste the rich dark chocolate. The chocolates are made with premium cocoa beans grown in the tropical lowlands of Ecuador. They are 72% chocolate and come in various different flavors. They are so rich in flavor; they give your palate such boost. It will nicely pair with a glass of red wine. 


Sense Ecuador offers other gourmet products and accessories made in Ecuador, like coffee, pure avocado oil, alpaca clothing, embroidered garments, toquilla straw hats and tagua jewelry. This platform is able to bring a small portion of Ecuador to you. In each purchase, you are enriching and providing suppliers an honest income and the opportunity to make an income out of their trade and land. No matter your roots or country of origin, embracing other Latin American countries and supporting their talent is an opportunity for us to strengthen and unify our community.