Breaking Barriers

By Lorenzo Almanza

Houston-based Latina lawyer, Sofia Adrogué, has worked vigorously for her ambitions. Hard work, passion, persistence, and lots of preparation have given her the opportunity to not only climb to the top, but also to serve her community. 

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Only a handful of Latinas can truly say they have achieved so much in life and have the recognition/awards to justify this assertion. Latina leader, Sofia Adrogué, has gone beyond the essence of being an immigrant in the United States, to breaking barriers only a handful of individuals can achieve. 


  • Youth Leadership Forum

  • Latina Voices- Smart Talk

  • Houston First Corporation

“My recipe and road to success have been built with the education that I have attained in the United States and the commensurate opportunities provided to me,” Adrogué said. The Argentinean began her journey in 1988 when she received her bachelor’s degree with high honors from Rice University. Soon after, she obtained a law degree from the University of Houston, both on full academic scholarships. Seventeen years after obtaining her law degree, Adrogué, already a mother of three, graduated from the Harvard Business School OPM Program. An HBS alumna, she was selected as the U.S. keynote graduation speaker as well as the U.S. Class Representative, becoming the first woman in history to ever do so. 

Never forget who you are, and where you came from, and find your passion. Then pursue it with preparation, perspiration, persistence, and panache.

Achievement in education, the relentless pursuit of something meaningful, hard work and determination are the key values that helped this most successful Latina grow into one of the country’s top lawyers. In addition to receiving the U.S. Jaycees Outstanding American recognition, one of Adrogué’s top achievements was being given the Arrival Award. This Award is presented by the University of Houston Law Center and recognizes the achievement of select immigrants who have made a difference in the United States. Such accolades of this Texas Latina lawyer allowed the City of Houston to recognize July 10, 2004 and Dec. 18, 2018 as “Sofia Adrogué Day”.

“Although 5,000 miles away from my place of birth, there is no doubt that as a Houstonian I am inordinately proud of the endless possibilities of our City,” Adrogué said.

One major factor that has kept the mother of three focused and resolute are the values and ethics instilled from her parents. Adrogué’s journey to the United States first began when her father was given a $5,000 grant to conduct medical research in the U.S. “He knew that this was an opportunity to follow his passion. It was, and is, the land of opportunity where meritocracy—with a little luck and lots of grit—prevails,” Adrogué said.

Her father graduated first in his class in medical school and always stressed the importance of education and paying it forward. When speaking of her father, Adrogué said he taught her to “never lose sight of who you are and that all you have is your name and character—the indelible values of integrity and humility.”

The Argentinean lawyer has a number of future ambitions and goals in life and feels the next phase of her journey is still unwritten. “My goal and dream are to serve our community more publicly and permanently, representing our Hispanic community and all of Texas,” Adrogué said. “That is absolutely an aspiration of mine.”