Perseverance: The Path to Success

By Kaitlyn Luckow

Mario Diaz, FDIC Information Technology Examiner

Mario Diaz, FDIC Information Technology Examiner

Having graduated from a preparatory high school in Monterrey, Mexico at age 16, Mario Diaz was accustomed to a standard of success.  During a family visit to Texas, Mario noticed an opportunity to secure his future in Mexico: learn English to become bilingual. His plans won the approval of his mother, and he left college at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in pursuit of a new skill.  However, what Mario thought was a six month stay at his grandfather’s home became permanent.  Though he viewed his new residence in the United States with hope and expectation, the relocation proved to be difficult. 

Because of his young age and novitiate with the English language, Mario’s mother advised him to complete an additional two years of high school upon his arrival in Texas.  Though disappointing, he welcomed this as an opportunity to become more proficient in English.  Mario recalled, “Coming from a big city, things were a little different in Bryan, Texas.”  Mario faced issues of reliable transportation, learning new social etiquette, and managing the common challenges of adolescence.  He soon learned that coping with the dynamic changes while adapting to a new country posed a unique set of challenges. 

After graduating from high school, Mario earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Management.  Early on, he discovered his niche in economics, which offered a respite from the continued barriers with English.  Fortified with vision and a dream, he marched forward.  Mario pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Business.  And it was during his matriculation at Sam Houston State University where he first learned of the FDIC.

In the end, if you are happy with where you are in life and who you’ve become – that is success.

During his sophomore year, Mario attended the university’s annual career fair.  When he arrived at the FDIC booth, he noticed a “different energy.”  Upon speaking with a recruiter, Mario understood what set the FDIC apart: “They were very refined.  They had a lot of experience.  And most importantly, they were very positive and encouraging.”  After that encounter, Mario was relentless in his pursuit of an internship with the FDIC.  Much to his satisfaction, he was interviewed and accepted the internship offer.  In 2009, Mario graduated during the housing crisis and was fortunate to achieve permanent status as an FDIC bank examiner.  He did not take this position for granted, as many of his peers had a hard time securing employment.  

Mario was recently promoted to an IT Examiner position for the Dallas Regional Office.  He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and serves as the treasurer for an employee resource group, Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement.  For Mario, working for FDIC has been a positive experience.  He values the continual learning from his peers and using that knowledge to improve his own skills.  This emphasis placed on education and training is demonstrated throughout FDIC’s coaching programs and continuing education.  

Mario’s journey encompassed many trials -- moving to a new country, learning a new language, and adapting to a new culture.As he looks back, he values each experience -- the good and the bad -- with gratitude.They shaped him into who he is today. Despite his challenges, Mario persevered and plans to pay it forward

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